Our Story

We originally crossed paths around a decade ago through Jake’s job at the time. We hung out through a group of mutual friends, but our lives were taking different paths though we stayed friends throughout the years. Heather was even selected as the preferred cat sitter while Jake was on vacation. Jake takes responsibility for Heather eventually adopting two spicy kittens of her own.

In time, our very different paths that we were walking suddenly became very close together. In March of 2021, after many trials and tribulations, Jake finally worked up the courage to ask Heather out to dinner. Truth be told, it was 11PM, and by some grace of dog (Nina), Heather was awake and accepted the invitation. The following night we met for dinner at Balance Restaurant downtown and after a few hours of great conversation, it was agreed that we should pursue this further. The second date didn’t come around as quickly as anticipated due to Heather’s horse unfortunately breaking her leg. However, when we finally met for the second date, the sparks immediately picked back up, and we ended the night with Jake awkwardly missing a goodbye kiss in the Jeep.

After months being together, we both described our relationship as “easy” multiple times. After a summer of meeting families, more dates, and merging our lives, Jake proposed to Heather on the front step of our brand-new home 30 minutes prior to closing on the house. The sparks never stopped flying, and as it turns out we’ve mastered the “in sickness and in health” thing pretty well. Heather found out that she had a tumor on her Pituitary Gland in August of 2021. After attempting medication, Heather had successful surgery in April of 2022. Heather was grateful to have Jake by her side through surgery and recovery. No matter what life has thrown at us, we manage to come out stronger and better on the other side.

We look forward to celebrating our special day with you, and the rest of our lives together.